How much time do you have?

Every bride deserves to have that one special item or moment on her wedding day that she'll cherish forever. It's even better if it makes people stand in awe and wish they'd thought of it first.

What will it be for you? This bride, known by "alkikat" on Reddit, decided to take matters into her own hands. She crocheted her own wedding dress.


Huffington Post photo

Huffington Post photo

Yes, that's her ... on the subway ... hook in hand. Not really something people want to hear about a subway rider, but her intentions are good and the outcome was fabulous.

The best part: The dress cost a total of 30 bucks ... as long as don't place a value on the time.

All brides like "alkikat" should have that one defining element for their day. But something like this comes at the cost of time. Do you really want to do personal calligraphy on all your invitations just because you have a quill pen? Do you really want to fire up the kiln to make glasses for the wedding party to use for the toast? Your time has to be spent wisely - you and the people you invite will remember the missed necessities just as much as they will be in awe of something elaborate.

Let creativity and interest be your guide. Just know you have a lot of work to do before your wedding day. Don't take on a monumental but special task at the sake of leaving all the other plans unfinished.