Keeping within the lines, money wise

At the risk of sounding too much like Dave Ramsey, you probably should have more depth to your wedding spending than “whatever it takes.”  (But, then, Dave says thass not OK to lots of stuff.)

On that one day in your life, everything should be beautiful and perfect. But you can’t realistically take the rest of your life to pay off your wedding OR listen to your parents pointedly remind you about how they helped bail you out of debt.

In fact, that’s a good place to start. If your parents can help cover costs, ask them what their contribution will be. It’s not impolite – it’s smart planning. That figure lets you know what you’ll need to contribute to get to your goal, and then you can start setting aside money in your monthly budget to get there.

This process also helps you determine what your personal priorities are. Will you sacrifice a little on the location or food to be able to go on the honeymoon of your dreams? These are ideas you need to come to an agreement on early to prevent wild spending later.

Your top-shelf needs can survive, as long as they fit with the bottom line.

How are you planning to make it work? Share your tips in the comments!